Library data Carpentry is a three day workshop for self styled data librarians or those in data-librarian-like roles. It will be held at the University of Technology Sydney on July 12-14 2016. The event is being produced by the Libraries of the Australian Technology Network.


Library data Carpentry emulates programs designed to familiarise Librarians with digital scholarship British Library Internal Digital Scholarship Training Programme 2012-, Data Scientist Training for Librarians (DST4L) 2013-, Dr James Baker’s Library Carpentry UK 2015, AU Library Carpentry Belinda Weaver ResBaz Brisbane February 2016, 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data 2015-). Classes will demonstrate how data is located, retrieved, presented, and interpreted, with a focus on hard skills like software based techniques for data extraction, analysis, and visualization. Training will be elementary in an effort to balance the expertise of those attending.


  • Attendees will gain hands-on experience of data extraction, munging, analysis and visualisation.
  • Explore the ways data can be collected, used and abused, to substantiate argument.
  • Help data librarians become more comfortable interacting with researchers and their data.
  • Identify the main areas of digital scholarship that can be explored and turned into new research support services and procedures.
  • Foster peer on peer learning
  • Develop computational thinking


Please forward clarifications, queries and grievances to barbara{dot}parnaby{at}curtin{dot}edu{dot}au and mal{dot}booth{at}uts{dot}edu{dot}au.