alt text Simon Buckingham Shum is Professor of Learning Informatics at the University of Technology Sydney, which he joined in August 2014 to direct the new Connected Intelligence Centre. Prior to that he was at The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute 1995-2014. He brings a Human-Centred Informatics (HCI) approach to his work, with a background in Psychology (BSc, York), Ergonomics (MSc, London) and HCI (PhD, York) where he worked with Rank Xerox Cambridge EuroPARC on Design Rationale. He co-edited Visualizing Argumentation (2003) followed by Knowledge Cartography (2008, 2nd Edn. 2014), and with Al Selvin wrote Constructing Knowledge Art (2015). He is active in the emerging field of Learning Analytics and is a co-founder of the Society for Learning Analytics Research, Compendium Institute and Learning Emergence network.

alt text Simon Knight Postdoctoral Research Fellow UTS:CIC

alt text Jared Berghold eReseach Analyst, Intersect

alt text Alistair Walsh Research Community Coordinator: Research Platforms Training Services University of Melbourne. Alistair is a Cognitive Neuroscientist and brain computer interfaces (BCI) expert. Alistair started working with computers as a professional musician in the 1990’s (when electronic dance music was good) and later returned to study at Swinburne University to do something more socially conscious with his signal processing ability. An internship with the Defence Science Technology Organisation in Adelaide started collaborations with the Australian Defence Force, researching cognitive load, fatigue and open source hardware and software. As well as teaching Software Carpentry Workshops, Alistair tutors in Neuro-imaging at Swinburne University, Machine Learning and Data Science at Monash University and Digital Humanities at The University of Melbourne. In his spare time he is working on a PhD in the area of stroke rehabilitation at The Florey Institute and is currently in discussion with IBM Research about things covered by a very strongly worded non-disclosure agreement….

alt text Kate Sweetapple Associate Head of Design & Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication, UTS

Teaching assistants:

alt text Matthias Liffers Coordinator, Research Services Curtin

alt text Sharyn Wise eResearch Analyst, UTS

alt text Mike Lynch eResearch Support Analyst, UTS

alt text Thom McIntyre Data Management Development and Operations Administrator, eResearch Support, UTS

alt text Dr Mingfang Wu, Senior Business Analyst, Australian National Data Service

alt text Dr Xiaobin Shen, Software Lead & Integration Support, Australian National Data Service